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ST - NUS Business School Series on Globalisation
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Lim Chin
Professor, Department of Strategy and Policy, NUS Business School

Bernard Yeung
Professor, Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor, NUS Business School 
Laying Foundations For More Stable Order

Published on 26 March 2009

The financial reform agenda is long and challenging. However, history has taught us that crises are an important part of the evolutionary process of creative destruction, the occasion for outdated and inefficient institutions to change into better ones.
Randall Morck
, Dean's Visiting Professor, NUS Business School  
The Foggy Business Of The Shadow Banking System

Published on 25 March 2009

Banking – like other essential services – requires disinterested regulation, not business-government cooperation.

Sam Ouliaris

Professor, Department of Strategy and Policy, NUS Business School  
Crude Oil Prices An Economic Dipstick

Published on 24 March 2009

The best solution to structural problems in the oil market is for all nations to continue discouraging the consumption of oil through the use of higher indirect taxes and reduced subsidies on petroleum products.
Nitin Pangarkar
Associate Professor , Department of Strategy and Policy, NUS Business School

Staying The Course During A Crisis

Published on 19 March 2009

A few years from now, when the current crisis is a distant memory, companies that stayed the course will be winners. Companies that panic now and succumb to short-term pressures are likely to find themselves trying to catch up with rivals.

Teo Chung Piaw
, Department of Decision Sciences and Vice-Dean (Research), NUS Business School

Ding Ding
Dr, Research fellow, Department of Decision Sciences, NUS Business School

Koay Peng Yen
Mr, S
hipping and Logistics Industry Veteran 

Prot's Growth: Biggest Is Not Always Best

Published on 18 March 2009

Globalisation and container transportation thus have a symbiotic relationship with each other, they are both the cause and effect of each other’s growth.

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